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Montgomery County Truck Accident Attorney
You’ve been involved in a car, truck, motorcycle, or 18-wheeler accident in Montgomery County or one of the surrounding areas.  Now what?  Clearly, your long-term prognosis should take a priority.  It’s the only body you’ve got.  Fix it right.  If you were injured, you may have received some form of evaluation and treatment at the scene of the vehicle crash, probably at the hospital emergency room, and maybe by your personal physician.  If you didn’t receive treatment you should be seen immediately by your personal physician to get a checkup.  You are protecting your own health and safety. If you have a personal injury claim that pops up later, you preserve your claim and seek reimbursement from the driver at fault.

As a treating physician for many years, I understand that doctors are busy.  As a personal injury attorney, I want you to communicate with your doctor.   Sometimes, your doctor may overlook questions that you may want answered.  It never hurts to ask.   Here are some common topics you may want to think about to ask your doctor.

What is your diagnosis?

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 Personal Injury Conroe
The simple answer is yes.  You may be injured and then again you may think that you’re not injured.  Accident attorneys and doctors that treat motor vehicle accidents will tell you to see your doctor after a collision.  Yes, even if it is a minor vehicular collision.  Your long-term health, safety, and wellbeing are on the line.  You owe it to yourself to get checked out.

When you are in a car a car accident your body releases adrenaline and other hormones during periods of stress.  Your circulation, heart rate, and breathing are accelerated.  These chemical transmitters are released to help you survive but they may also mask symptoms of you being hurt.

Think about it this way.  How much does your car or truck weigh?  Many thousands of pounds.  Think about the force that is required to stop those thousands of pounds in relation to the connections in your body.  An impact from a car or truck crash produces a great amount of force resulting in a serious shock to your body.  You are only human and the human body is not meant to endure an impact of that magnitude.  Therefore, the injury you think is only minor may be much more serious.  Injuries are common even in low speed motor vehicle accidents.

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Conroe Personal Injury Lawyer
May is here and it’s National Bike Month.  Sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, it is a tradition that has been celebrated throughout the United States since 1956.  In Harris and Montgomery Counties, the dates are listed below for the events.  Nationally, the third week of the month is designated as Bike to Work Week.  Bike to Work Day is designated the third Friday in May.

In celebration of National Bike Month, Ron Voyles & Associates encourages you to give biking a try.  It’s a perfect time to dust off that old bike, air up the tires, and take a spin.  In addition, we would like to inspire motorists to keep a watchful eye out for bicyclists on the road.  Educate yourself on the dangers of distracted driving, texting and the direct effect on cyclist injuries and fatalities.  When it comes to car and truck crashes, cycling injuries, and deaths, both sides (motorists and cyclists) like to point the finger at the other group.  We both share the blame.  In the Houston, Conroe, Huntsville, and surrounding communities we have hundreds of thousands of drivers and thousands of cyclists on the road every day.  Making sure everyone knows the rules of the road can go a long way toward reducing the number of injuries suffered each year.  In the Houston area alone, we’ve had twenty-three bike riders killed in the last five years.

I typically avoid cycling on the road.  Why?  Montgomery and Walker Counties are still rural with only two lane roads in many places.  Many roads like Longmire in Conroe have no shoulder.  Therefore, the space between you and the vehicles is slim.  Your margin for error is narrow.  To further the problem, we live in Texas.  It’s hot.  Therefore, riding early in the morning is necessary.  It’s dark.  It’s foggy.  It’s early and drivers are not paying attention.  In a bicycle-vehicle crash, the bike is going to lose.  So, what can you do?  Bike responsibly. 

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Conroe Pesonal Injury Lawyer
You may be one of the thousands of drivers in the Houston area that is a safe driver.  You don’t text while driving.  You don’t drink and drive, and you have never had a DWI.  When you do drink, you are responsible and get a designated driver or call Uber.  You may even have a spotless driving record and have never had so much as a traffic ticket.  Your behavior should be applauded.  You are one of the ones that keep our roads safe.  Sadly, not everyone follows this behavior on our Texas roads.  Bad things happen to good people.  So, what do you do when you get blindsided by a negligent motorist?  Believe it or not, most people who call our office simply do not know what to do when they are involved in an accident.  Be prepared and know what to do before you are in an auto or truck accident.

In the event of a car accident follow these simple steps:

  1. Stop and render aid. Nothing is more important than the welfare of everyone in the accident, including your own. Did you hit your head?  Look around and check your surroundings.  Is someone else hurt?  Don’t assume any injury is too small.  You may be in shock and may have more trauma than you think.
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I had the good fortune of a good meal with friends over the holiday weekend. One young individual struggled with an episode of low back pain.  I was drawn into the conversation because I was aware that this young man had been involved in a very serious car accident the year before.  My cause for concern was his age.  I knew without the proper steps toward a treatment plan including a large amount of rehabilitation and exercise, this young individual would set himself up for a long life of pain.

Before becoming an attorney handling personal injury claims, I was a chiropractor and routinely treated these types of injuries.  After treating a large number of individuals injured in car and truck accidents you realize a wide variety of injuries which range from minor to very serious can result from this type of trauma.  The young man I spoke about above was the victim of a high-impact collision and suffered major injuries, but what about the victims of low-impact collisions?  The circulated myth is that victims of low-impact collisions aren’t really hurt.  The truth is that victims of low-impact collisions can suffer from a lifetime from debilitating injuries.

One researcher has opined, “It is wrong to assume that maximum neck injury occurs in a high-speed collision; it is the slow or moderate collision that causes maximum hyperextension of the cervical spine. High-speed collisions often break the back of the seat, thus minimizing the force of hyperextension.”

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Personal Injury Attorney
Auto and truck accidents are devastating. Even for attorneys.  Recently, a friend driving on Interstate 45 going through Conroe in Montgomery County was broadsided by a speeder that just happened to be high out of his mind on drugs.  The friend happened to be a lawyer.  We’ve all seen near misses and accidents waiting to happen.  A teen blew by me on the highway just yesterday.  But what happens when your number is up?  Boom, you’re hit.  What do you do?  First, high-speed collisions cause hidden vehicular damage that’s hard to visually ascertain.  Even a seasoned insurance adjustor doesn’t catch all the damage.  Let’s face the facts, insurance companies are the business to make money.  Repeat inspections and visits to the mechanic cost money.  Companies in the collision business want to get auto and truck claims paid quickly and cheaply.  The lawyer above continued to have parts fall off her vehicle over the course of the next year.  And folks this was a Toyota, not a Yugo.  It was new before the crash.  Sadly, the truck never drove the same.  The claim was settled, she was unhappy. She ended up buying a new one less than a year later.  Incidentally, our firm didn’t handle her accident claim and she was never made whole.  Moral of the story, choose your lawyer carefully after your car or truck accident.  But what’s more insidious than a property, car, or truck claim after a collision?  Soft tissue injuries.

Today, I had a visit with a friend with neck and shoulder pain.  The injury, soft tissue in nature, was the result of a low impact car accident. The injury happened long ago.  The statute of limitations on the claim were long gone. The pain wasn’t.  Around the time of the accident he said treatment wasn’t a priority.  It should have been.  His shoulder getting weaker, his range of motion is decreasing, he didn’t know where to turn.  Simple things he used to enjoy like weight lifting and mountain biking becoming more difficult.  He’s scheduled for a surgery consultation this week.

Why do I bring up this scenario?  It’s because I hear this same set of facts frequently.  Vehicles have hidden damage from auto and truck accidents but so do human bodies.  When your body is pushed past its physical limits, something must give.  Sometimes this trauma immediately causes pain.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  But what I used to see quite of bit while rehabilitating patients, were the secondary injuries that came to light at a much later date.  Let’s look at a blatant example.  Say for instance you’re in a truck or vehicle crash and you strike the window with your head.  Head injuries bleed and head injuries hurt.  Severely in some cases.  What’s your priority?  Your head.  You go to the emergency room.  There, you are treated for severe life threatening problems.  Emergency rooms practice triage.  In other words, severe injuries take precedent.  That gash on your head, it’s treated first.  Nothing else appeared life threatening so you were sent packing.  But what about those torn muscles and ligaments in your neck and shoulder?  Just like broken ribs, those soft tissue injuries hide under the radar, not to be noticed by you or anyone else for weeks.  Truth be told, broken ribs don’t even show up on a x-ray until they start healing which can be a week later.  Without a CT scan or MRI, a trained eye, those soft tissue injuries won’t show up either.  The result?  Those tissues either heal correctly, heal incorrectly, not at all, or develop scar tissue which causes delayed pain, discomfort, and leads to arthritic conditions.