Arrest Does Not Equal Guilt

Arrest Does Not Equal Guilt

July 22nd a Montgomery County Judge signed the dismissals on all charges against former University of Houston player and Buffalo Bills’s current defensive tackle Ed Oliver. On or about May 16, 2020, Oliver was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated and Unlawful Carry of Weapon. Oliver complied with officers’ requests to complete the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) as seen below.


He also submitted to a blood test, which ultimately resulted in the dismissal of all charges. The blood test result returned showing there was nothing in his system. Oliver’s attorney Gary Patterson asks, “What did Ed Oliver do wrong?”

He reminds us the importance of defense attorneys, “Ed was tired driving home when the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department pulled him over. When it was apparent, that they had pulled over an NFL player, more officers from the precinct 4 Montgomery County Constables office arrived. While at least one officer, claims to have additional training in administering field sobriety tests, they couldn’t distinguish between red eyes from riding an ATV all day in a tired young black man and someone who is impaired.

How often do defendants appear in court by themselves on the first setting before the blood results return just to find a plea offer from the State? We are your last line of defense against an overzealous machine designed to crank out dispositions rather than justice.

Being arrested for DWI does not mean that you’re guilty. A moderate odor of alcohol does not mean that you’re guilty. Arrest after the completion of the SFSTs does not mean that you’re guilty. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact our office and we’ll go over your video and discuss your options.

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