Have You Been Arrested for a Controlled Substance?

Have you been arrested for a Controlled SubstanceHave you been arrested for a Controlled Substance? If so, you need to have that substance checked. In a new Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas case, the defendant plead guilty to felony cocaine possession and the sample was never tested in a lab. In fact, the arresting officer used a field test kit and the sample was so small that the entire sample of the so called drug was used in the analysis. Years later when a lab test was asked for it could not be performed. There simply was no drug sample left to test. If you have been arrested for a drug possession offense such as cocaine, methamphetamine, etc., make sure it is tested by a lab or you may have an issue. Better yet, hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

So, when we ask, “have you been arrested for a controlled substance?”… understand we’re looking out for your interests and want to make sure you take the best course of action for the best outcome, so give us the details. Above all, contact Attorney Matthew J. Neufeld if you’ve been arrested for a controlled substance.

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