Did You Tell Your Criminal Defense Attorney All the Facts?

A Texas criminal case came down last month that is a good example of an issue that we hear about from other attorneys. That is, the client didn’t inform his criminal defense lawyer of all the facts of the police interview. Why is this a problem? As your criminal defense attorney, we don’t know facts that you don’t tell us about, or that aren’t in the discovery that is held by the district attorney.

 Consider this scenario: a person is interviewed by the police in order to get all the facts straight, and once the story is satisfactory to law enforcement, the story is recorded. This type of behavior is improper and forbidden. When you are questioned in a criminal offense, you need to be given your statutory warnings and the ENTIRE interview should be recorded. Think how damaging this situation could be if you gave only a written statement after the story was coached by law enforcement. Your attorney won’t know that you may have been coerced. Don’t let yourself wind up in this situation, hire a competent attorney and tell them everything, even if you deem it not important. A well prepared experienced attorney is good with the law but also needs to be a good listener.  Contact our office, we can help and we are happy to listen.

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