I’ve Been Arrested for DWI. What Do I Do Next?

Arrested for DWI

Don’t take the tests. In a DWI investigation, the officer’s job is to gather evidence against you.  The police will record everything you do or say. The officer has a microphone on his lapel. So when he walks up to your vehicle everything will be documented. The patrol vehicle has a camera that will record the entire encounter. It’s very important that you think before you speak or act. Be polite. Be courteous. Have your license and insurance ready.
You’re going to jail. It doesn’t matter that you’ve only had a few drinks. It doesn’t matter that you’re not intoxicated. You’re going to jail. When you drink and drive, law enforcement has an extremely low burden for an arrest. Police no longer let people go home. It doesn’t happen, ever. Ask for a lawyer. You’re not entitled to one. Ask anyway. When you invoke your right to counsel, you stop the interview and they take you to jail.
Stop talking. You’re going to jail. Don’t give law enforcement evidence. You’re thinking about taking the tests. Don’t, no one passes the tests. Sit in the car quietly. Don’t converse with the officer. Stay alert. Don’t sleep.
The jail will arraign you in the morning. Use your phone call to arrange for bond. Go home, rest, and call a good criminal defense attorney. You only have fifteen days to save your driver’s license. Act now. Contact M. Neufeld Law. A DWI arrest is serious business.  We defend drug and alcohol offenses.

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