Marijuana Infused Lip-Balm

Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

Weed in your Carmex?  Why not, because weed makes everything better, right?  At least until you’re arrested.  According to advocates, marijuana has many medicinal benefits such as pain relief in addition to anti-inflammatory properties that could prove to be beneficial in the treatment of certain skin disorders such as acne or eczema.  Are we going to see a huge surge in cosmetics containing weed such as Mary Kay Baked?  Maybe. The market is already seeing the introduction of many lip-balm like products containing THC or marijuana.

The big question is, does it get you high?  In a word, yes.  But how does that happen if THC cannot be absorbed through the skin?  Well, you have to lick your lips over and over. Doesn’t that negate what you are using the cannabis Chapstick for anyway?  Probably.  Sure, you are going to look silly repeatedly licking your lips, but what do you care, you are high.

Is there a pleasant smell associated like medicated Chapstick?  Nope, it smells like weed.  Therefore, you are probably not going to want to apply this in the office or classroom. Incidentally, parties where people kiss after applying the marijuana infused lip-balm is what all the cool kids are doing now.

How much does it cost? Around $60.

How much can it cost you in the long run?  A whole lot more.  That is if you bring it to a state where marijuana is still illegal like Texas. In fact, if you possess this weed Carmex in Texas and get caught it will land you in felony court.  That means you could possibly face prison time if you are arrested and already have a criminal background.

As a criminal defense attorney, I have handled many of these cases.  In one recent case, the lip-balm was sent off to the Texas DPS lab the results were interesting.  The $60 marijuana laced Chapstick did not contain any detectible amount of THC.  None.  Sadly, it cost this young man the fees for bonding out of jail plus a forfeiture of the handgun he had in his truck.  Remember, if you have drugs in your vehicle and have a gun, the gun becomes illegal in Texas.  And of course, there are the attorney’s fees for the criminal defense attorney you will need to hire to defend you on the drug possession case.

The bottom line is be careful.  Is it really worth bringing that substance back to Texas where you could be charged with a felony? If you are arrested, get yourself a criminal defense attorney with experience in these types of cases.  If you are arrested in Montgomery, Walker, Madison, or Leon Counties call us.

The laws regarding THC and marijuana are changing and so are the sentences that prosecutors are requesting. Many of these products such as edibles (think brownies, THC infused candies, etc.) contain little to no active ingredients in some cases.  However, the penalty depends on weight, not the amount of actual marijuana or THC in the product.  Be smart. Think about what you are doing. Most people have no idea that the penalties in Texas can be so stiff.  And if you are arrested, call our office today!

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