New THC, CBD, and Marijuana Products 2018

Marijuana and THC arrest

Let’s continue our discussion of new THC products in 2018.  Again, these products are surprising many young people in the Conroe, Woodlands, and Huntsville area.  Mainly because marijuana products have not been decriminalized in our area and these products can land you in jail or even worse.  Many of these new products containing THC have a criminal penalty that corresponds to the gross weight of the product.  Frequently, these products will place you right in the middle of felony land.  Yep, we are talking pen time.  The big house.  So, what are some of the exciting new THC and other marijuana containing products?

Weed Beef Jerky

Let’s face it, we all like to stop a Buc-ee’s.  On the way to my last legal seminar I stopped in and picked up an old favorite…beef jerky. What’s better than all the great flavors of jerky that Buc-ee’s serves up?  You guessed it.  Weed beef jerky.  We have all heard of edibles such as pot brownies but come on, that’s old school. Pick up some weed beef jerky by the Santa Cruz Company.  This THC-laced beef jerky comes in a wide range of flavors and you even get to choose from several strains of marijuana.  Stoners have taken to calling this new product “reef jerky” based on the old term “reefer.” This one even won a prize at the Denver Cannabis Cup in 2014. What’s next?

Weed Breath Spray

Binaca not cutting for you? Well now you can have fresh breath and get high as a fruit bat at the same time.  A company called Cannabis Care out of California has released a THC spray as a healthy way to get high.  Just spray it in your mouth and enjoy being high for hours to come.  The product looks like a pen from a distance and can easily be mistaken for regular old breath spray.  What’s not to like is that regular breath spray doesn’t land you in jail if a police officer notices in your car in Montgomery County, Texas. In addition, it could land you up to twenty years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institutional Division.  But hey, your cellie will appreciate your fresh breath.

Mountain High Suckers

John Denver would be proud. Mountain High Suckers is actually the name of the company that makes these edibles, but they look just like you would imagine.  Just like old fashioned lollypops.  The products are supposed to be both medicinal and recreational.  Therfore, they not only have the benefits of the CBD oil that they contain but they will also get you high.  And what’s not to like with over twenty different flavors. Delicious, discreet, and illegal, you get it all.

That’s all for now. We will continue the new products over the next few weeks.  Just remember, if you travel to a state where marijuana and THC related products are legal, think twice about bringing them back to Texas.  In Montgomery and Walker Counties, these products will land you in hot water.  If you are arrested, be smart and hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.  Call us today!

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