Update, Your Amazon Echo Government Listening Device

Leon County Attorney

In other news, we have an Amazon Echo update.  You may recall my recent article about the Amazon Echo device spying on you and your family.  A recent out of state case involved a young man’s roommate found dead in a hot tub.  The prosecutors on the case were trying to get any recorded evidence that that Echo device may have picked up on the evening in question.  Amazon fought requests from the prosecutors to hand over the audio evidence citing that the information was protected by customer privacy rights and the First Amendment.  The defendant in this matter maintains his innocence but has struck a deal with the state and has allowed Amazon to hand over the evidence.  I guess we must wait for someone else to fight this battle as the Echo device continues learn, develop, and be used for greater tasks every day.  Is your Echo spying on you?  I know that you can change the activation on your Echo from “Alexa” to “Computer.”  I wonder if it responds to Barack?

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