Storm damage to Conroe and Montgomery County

Recent storms have caused widespread damage to commercial buildings and homes throughout Texas.  Some of the damage is visible, some of the damage is hidden to the untrained eye.  If your commercial property or home has been hit by the recent storms, you should immediately notify your insurance carrier.  Failing to timely notify your insurance carrier can prejudice your rights to recover compensation for storm damage.  So don’t delay in notifying your insurance carrier.  You should also photograph all apparent storm damage and provide the evidence of the storm damage to your insurance carrier.  You need to mitigate, which means you need to tarp and cover damaged roofs or walls to prevent further damage from wind and rain.  Insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums and denying claims.  You don’t want to make their job easy for them.  In summary, notify your insurance carrier of storm damage and protect your property from future damage.  Remember, insurance companies frequently deny claims by arguing that the storm damage was caused by ordinary wear and tear or faulty construction.  Don’t be a victim twice.  Demand that your insurance carrier repair and/or replace all storm damaged property.  If that doesn’t work, call an attorney experienced in handling storm damage claims.  At M. Neufeld Law we have an attorney on staff with the years of experience that you need to handle your claim and make you whole again.  Call today at 936-228-6155.

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