Car or Truck Accident? Rehab it!

Car and Truck Accident Lawyer

Want a life of pain?  Then don’t listen.  Many years ago when I was a designated doctor for the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission, I performed independent medical examinations (IME) in order to determine levels of impairment.  What’s that?  It’s simply determining what lasting injuries a person will likely have for the rest of their life.  Take for instance, losing a finger or hand.  One particular exam was twenty some odd years ago and I don’t remember the patient or the injury, but what I do remember was the insurance adjuster.  This particular adjuster called me and said, “I’ve looked at the MRI and I don’t really think this person is hurt.”  Interesting, I thought.  First, what kind of training has this joker had to make this determination and second, the only thing he cares about is his bottom line, money.  The adjuster was trying to settle this claim for less money, making him look better to the insurance company: hence promotion.

Why the anecdote? Simple.  When you have an injury don’t let anyone dictate your plan of action but you and your doctor.  Auto and truck accidents are no different. You’re busy.  We’re all busy, but you only get one shot at this.  If an injury heals wrong, you’re done.  That injured area will never be the same.  In personal injury cases people tend to think they will just get better.  Don’t do that.  It’s not true.  Consult with your doctor.  If you need a personal injury attorney, and you probably do, speak to him or her about your pain and injury.  Even low speed collisions in a vehicle or truck crash can cause tearing of your tissue that simply will not heal correctly without proper therapy and rehabilitation.

Insurance companies simply do not want to pay for therapy and rehabilitation in auto or truck accidents.  Be proactive.  Make sure you max out your personal injury protection (PIP) on your policy to protect yourself.  Hire an experienced personal injury attorney, preferably an attorney that has a background in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of your injuries.  Remember, the right choice could save you a headache later.  Literally.

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